Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rush City Redo Part 9

Well, the deadline for Rush City has arrived. I built the scene to FreemoN standards so I could use it at shows until my layout finds a proper home. The Westminster Train Show this weekend was the operational debut of the modules as well as my MN Transload module (the future Zinpro scene). Here is a time lapse video by P. Keppel of the setup in St. Paul. Operating with the FreemoN group was a blast and I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to do run with them again. The modules performed well. I didn't get my frogs wired or my scenery done, but I have some time to develop those before the next show.
Rush City is set up in the back of the scene (sans buildings).


  1. Very cool! Heard the show was a success. Awesome video. K1

  2. Looked for you at the show on Saturday but nobody knew your schedule. Hung around for an hour. Rush City looks great. sorry I missed you.

  3. Sorry I missed you! I was probably checking out the other layout with my family at the time. We'll be back at this same venue in October, but I'm hoping to be out to some more shows before then.