Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rush City Redo Part 6

The track was painted, frogs wired and all the tortoises are installed. Ground cover has started, my friend HK came over last weekend and we got some serious progress made. A little bit of shaping on the south half of the set, followed by paint and ground cover. Some ballast found its way to the track. I use Smith and Sons on the Main, Woodland Scenics on the sidings and Z scale Highball ballast for Class 5 areas. The roads have started, I use .020" syrene sheet with some Rustoleum black. Once I have them glued in place they will get weathered up with a spray of diluted L&N grey. Once I fill in the bare spots tree planting will begin. I also need to get a pair of NJ crossing gates as both of the roads will have working gates at some point.
Looking North
Service Road to the South Switch
Looking South

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