Saturday, January 28, 2012

ILSX 1349

Another chopped nose Geep has made it's way over to the Skally Line. ILSX GP9 1349 (ex-AMTX GP10 768) had been lashed up to ILSX GP10 1418. The two will be used in switching duties at the Rush City Yard.
ILSX  1349 is an Atlas GP9 I had to do some major reworking to. Most notably are the Farr air filters I made from styrene and the chopped nose. I also had to shave some doors and louvers to match the prototype. I used BLMA louvers, cut levers, mu cables, airline and grab irons. I shortened the front battery boxes and used Gold Medal Models parts wire to replace the handrails. The plow is an Atlas piece and the airhorn is a modified Kato 3 chime. The frame skirting has also bee modified to match the prototype. The wipers and lift rings are Trainworx pieces. The paint was Santa Fe Silver and Engine Black. The decals were all Microscale. The Firecracker antenna is a Miniatures by Eric part.
As for my personal challenge I am still four engines away from my goal and I won't have time to finish them before the end of the month. I did finish 10 and I'm pretty happy about that. On the bench right now are the high nose GP30, a chopped nose SD9 (ILSX 1399) and the two SCXY Geeps. There is still a CN RDC I'm working on as well as a pair of BN F45s I need to paint up. So many projects...

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