Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Freight Car Projects

I had one project that has been on the back burner too long and one I am hoping to get a start on soon.

The one I stalled on was my Wisconsin Central Mega Log Hauler. I got mentally geared up and added a couple hundred pieces of styrene to it. 
It has been time consuming, but rewarding to see it happen.
The other project is in a holding pattern. I've got all the parts here or on order. It will be a big one. Here you can see the 36 axles that will fit under WECX 800, the largest railcar in the world. The N Scale version will be 17" long, plus I'm going to build a load for it that will make it over 24" long.
I'm also going to build a support flatcar and an escort caboose for the monster Schnabel Car. Here is the start of that car.
I may be thinning my fleet down again soon, I always seem to have more cars than I need and I want to make room for higher quality pieces as they become available.


  1. I wonder how WECX 800 will go around corners. Will it make an 18" radius curve? ;)

    1. It should traverse corners very well. The centipede design will go around any corner that can handle a 50’ boxcar.

  2. I have a friend that wants to build the mega log car in N scale and I was wondering if you could help him out on to which bulkhead flatcar would be best to use? Steve Dehart is his name and you can reach him on FaceBook.