Monday, February 22, 2016

Where did January go?

It seems like we just started this year off and here we are rapidly closing in on the end of February. Skally progress has been happening, slowly, but surely. I've had another ops session, made progress on benchwork, wiring, scenery and have been working on locomotives as well.

I upgraded SCXY 1326 with a LokSound Micro decoder and a sugarcube speaker. The sound quality is very good. I'll be upgrading SCXY 1325 next.

I built another corner this week, I hope to get some track laid on it soon. This will help with switching out Zinpro, as the end of the current trackage makes things difficult. I have designed a plan for the Peterson Mill, we'll see if I can make it fit.
In Hinckley, I've begun planting trees. 36 down, 240 to go. 
 In Rush City I continued the ground cover, adding ballast and greenery.
The second ops session was a success. I didn't get the track as clean as I should have, so I got a little frustrated cleaning as we went, but I think my dad (CEO of the HO Scale Wolf River Railroad) had fun. You can also see the new skirting I have on 1/2 the layout in this shot.
Progress, some fast, some slow. Ok, mostly slow, but any progress is good progress.


  1. Looking good! I have yet to plant a single tree... I have several dozen waiting to go but I am not yet at that stage.

    1. It is a good feeling to have some scenery done. Lance Mindheim planted the idea in my head to try and finish 8 square feet of a signature scene. Maybe I'll be there soon.

  2. Hi Karl. Great progress. As you might have guessed I love the black fascia and curtain. It certainly makes the layout pop. Keep up the great work and most of all keep having fun.

    1. Thanks Rod! Hopefully my line looks as good as yours when I get some more progress made.