Tuesday, January 5, 2016

U-NBREFV9-05 Part 1

I decided today was a good day to railfan the Skally. I heard there was a unit sand train heading out, so I decided to catch the action. When I got to Rush City, BNSF 4309 and 684 were idling away.
The Skally SD40M-2s fired up and pulled out onto track 1X. That crew would be heading up to grab the interchange cars in Hinckley today.
 The Skally crew ran the BNSF C44-9Ws ran light down to North Branch.
Calling Terry at Tiler, he said they were ready. They had a full set of cars to go out.
So many cars in fact that some had been spotted on the main line yesterday afternoon (advantages of being on a short line).
Terry said everything was ready, so the switch into Tiller was thrown, the derail was removed and the Skally crew started to put the train together.
Happy New Years!

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