Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Citizens of Hinckley Rejoice!

After a year of not being able to get across the tracks, the Hwy. 61 grade crossing over the BNSF Hinckley Sub. is in use! On another good note that means more customs for Slims Service, the BP station that sits on the south side of the crossing. It sounds like the crossing gates and signals are enroute and will be in place soon, ensuring a safe crossing for motorists.
A truck driver heads to cross the tracks:
The old dead end is a favorite spot for railfans to watch the interchange action in Hinckley. I still need to get a nice grove of trees planted here and the "Welcome to our town" sign.
An overview of the scene: Slims in the lower right corner and the BNSF section house up top. I will be using NJI crossing gates and signals to finish the crossing. The color differences in the rocks and ballast are due to them still being wet. I just glued them down a half hour ago, but I couldn't wait to photograph it. Once I finish the scene I will repaint the facia.
 A close up of the gas station. Prices are still high in Hinckley.
This station started as a Tomix kit. I tore it apart, resized everything and turned it into a BP station to match the real Slim's. I still have a lot of work to do, but it is a step in the right direction.


  1. This looks great, Karl! Do the train crews have to flag through the crossing until the signals get put in? :)

    I realized a few days ago that on my layout-in-progress that there were no road crossings planned at all into my town... not sure how people would get in and out. Now I have a spot for a crossing and I just have to get off my butt and put it in.

  2. Great addition to the RR Karl. Neat job of kit bashing the gas station too.

  3. Excellent job on the gas station bash Karl!!
    Very cool

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words!

  5. You are right Steve, they should have to flag that crossing (a huge main for a BNSF main line)!