Tuesday, December 23, 2014

RUS v3.0 Progress!

I am building layout! I swear it is true! I was shooting photos last week from Cajon Pass to Tehachapi Loop and it got me fired up to build some more Skally Line.

I'm calling the new section Rush City v3.0. I got the birch plywood ripped and the tops cut. Tomorrow I will cut pieces to length and get the modules built. I will also be building two 90 degree corners. If I have enough lumber left over I will build a pair of N Land Pacific FreemoN modules too, but the Skally is the priority right now.
New Atlas #7 switches and tortoises are en route right now. I need to get more keyed DPDT switches to run them all. Life is good.

If the sun is out tomorrow I will get pics of SCXY 1326, fresh out of the paint shop.

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