Saturday, May 24, 2014

Skally Engine House Update

I finally made it up to Rush City Friday. I want to thank the Skally Crew for their hospitality. SCXY SD40M-2 1326 was switching out cars while ILSX 180 and 1345 were waiting next to the corporate HQ. The SCXY reporting marks were taken off the 1326, so hopefully the "Radio Equipped" stickers arrive soon!
The next SD40M-2 was purchased direct from UP and should be getting it's new paint job at the WSOR Horicon shops this week. Once it arrives, ILSX 180 will depart the line.
The new Skally engine house is HUGE! It is 28' x 270'. If my math is correct it should hold two SD40M-2s (SD45s) a GP8 and a GP9. Every Skally painted engine will fit inside!
It has been great watching the line grow. Car volume will continue upward as more business comes to the line over the next couple of years. What a great time to be a Skally Line fan!

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