Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skally Vehicles

I've been working on some vehicles to make the Skally Line look a little more inhabited. You may have noticed a few of them in earlier posts. I want to thank Showcase Miniatures for really stepping up in the N Scale market to bring us some cool kits.
The one I have completely done is this BNSF "I" Type MOW truck. This one makes Hinckley look like BNSF is keeping an eye on the trackage of the Subdivision.
I modified another of the "I" Type trucks to be used my the BNSF mechanical department. I built a traction motor for the back, so it looks like they just swapped an idler axle under a locomotive.
The cab-over semi is used in grain hauling service in Rush City. I'd like to decal it for the Peterson Mill at some point. The trailer is a modified kit I cast myself in resin. The axles, landing gear and mudflaps are from Trainworx.
Another vehicle is in the works for Hinckley. It will be a BNSF signal maintainers truck. The box is from Shapeways. It still needs paint and details, but it is a start.
Just like so many of my other projects, these are started, but not done. They will work as fill-ins until I get a little more time to blast out the detail items.

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