Friday, January 3, 2014

BNSF 8781

Well, I have finished my first engine of the year. It sounds so much easier than it actually was. I will be doing a full write up on this one very quickly, but for now, here are the teaser pics of my new BNSF SD70ACe. You will notice this is an isolated cab, with the headlight in the nose.
It is not perfect, but it is much closer than the stock Kato. I used parts from Trainworx, BLMA, Atlas, other Kato units. Some parts (like the PTC pods) I made from styrene. I think I used decals from 4 or 5 different sets. There are some minor issues if you know what you are seeing, but all in all, I'm very happy.
I got it weathered up this morning and I couldn't wait to show it off. As soon as I get a sunny day I will give it a proper photo shoot out on the Skally Line.
I'm waiting for some capacitors to show up, when they do, I'll be doing a decoder upgrade per an article in MR last year.

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