Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tiller Part IV

Progress! I wanted to get all the track laid this weekend (my weekends are usually Monday-Tuesday) and I succeeded! There is just shy of a scale mile of track on the module set. I had 90" laid earlier in the process, and today I laid the rest, I started by epoxying all the Fast Tracks PCB ties at the module ends and where the tracks cross the centerpoint. Then I glue everything down and soldered the rails to the PCB ties. I think I have 12 different sets of feeders for track power, wiring will be one of my next steps...
Here is the overall view...
Here is the siding for Zinpro (Chinook Spur):
Here are the tracks for Tiller Corp.:
Here is the switching lead for Tiller:

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  1. Nice progress! You're going to make Dad envious. :D