Monday, August 29, 2011

ILSX 1343

ILSX SD40T-2 1343 made a solo run down the Skally today. The engine has been working on the MNN out of Holt MN, but it has moved over to the Skally to get partnered up with ILSX SD40T-2. The duo will be working grain and flour service to the Horizon Mill in Rush City.
After turning at M&D Jct. the 1343 ran back to Rush City light.The engine started life as an Intermountain Tunnel Motor. I stripped it down, changed the lights to match the prototype, added BLMA grab irons, cab shades, AC unit, antenna stand, fans, cut levers, mu and air hoses, mirrors and wipers. I used a MbE Air Horn and a Sunrise rear light.A nice shot by Brian Kays for reference. I really appreciate him posting some nice shots of the 1343.


  1. You need some cattails in your layout... It's not a proper MN swamp (or ditch) if you don't have at least some cattails. ;P K1

  2. I agree, but how do I make 1/160 scale cattails?