Monday, October 4, 2010

ILSX 202: Out of the Shop

ILSX SD40-2 has rolled out of the shops in Bethel and is working on the Skally Line.

I started with a Kato SD40-2. I added BLMA lift rings, cab shades, mirrors, cut levers, mu hoses grab irons, fans. Atlas sand hatches and bell, Miniatures by Eric exhaust manifold, brake wheel, firecracker whistle and horn. The engine has an MRC 1806 sound decoder.I want to give special thanks to Frank Nesbit for letting me photograph the prototype up close. The decals came from Solidesign. They matched the photos I took perfectly. I still need to put a different plow on it (something smaller), add the front mu hoses and the air hoses. Here's the top view, weathering is coming, no worries there.


  1. Looks great! How is your progress on SCXY 1363?

  2. Slow lately, it'll get more of my attention now that the 202 is close to done.