Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Close, Yet So Far

I have been making progress on ILSX 202, but I'm being slowed up. I'm stuck waiting on an exhaust manifold and the proper horn from Miniatures By Eric. He makes some great parts, I just wish he was on this side of the Canadian border so the shipping wouldn't take so long. I've got a nice package of decals from Scott Wright at Solidesign waiting to go on the long hood, I've already done up the front numberboards using his decals. The BLMA cab shades, lift rings, mirrors, wipers, the Min. By Eric antenna and the Atlas sand hatch are all installed, as are the Atlas bell, BLMA fan grills, cut levers and lift rings. The paint is Conrail blue and the anti-glare patch is a Micro-scale decal.Did I mention how much I love BLMA fans? Especially on my darker engines. I paint the fans white and the grills black, boy do they pop!

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